Ikea officially denied its responsibility for the glass-door cabinet exploded in Korea… escalating anger of the consumer

By Jinsol Lee

IKEA Korea’s response that there is no problem with the tempered glass product that caused the explosion on the 14th.ㅣphoto taken by INTHENEWS

(INTHENEWS) Seoul, Korea ㅣIn response to an accident in which a tempered glass-door cabinet (DETOLF) sold by furniture company IKEA exploded in Korea, IKEA Korea responded that there was no problem, saying, “It’s a product that’s been inspected for safety and it’s not sharp even if the tempered glass breaks.”

Regarding the official response from Ikea, Mr. Kim (the victim of the accident) said, “I was totally shocked. It is ridiculous. I couldn’t understand how they could react like that. “

Ikea Korea repeatedly said, “all products are subject to quality control and safety supervision before launch. Glass products have passed tests by Ikea, suppliers, and third-party independent agencies.”

Ikea cabinet glass exploded and shattered suddenly at home in Korea early in the morning on Saturday Nov. 14, 2020
Source l photo taken by Mr. Kim

Ikea Korea also added that tempered glass may break depending on its properties, but emphasized that it is not dangerous and if the tempered glass is broken, it is not a sharp fragment, but it is rarely sharp.

Mr. Kim responded, “If the glass powder and pieces were splashed in front of your eyes, is it safe just because they’re not sharp? that is not the way the big company dealt with the consumer-related issue like that.”

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